Druminspire is a worldwide offer of inspiration through psychology, sacred sound,drumming & art.

Druminspiration can be enjoyed by corporate organizations & adult, children and adolescents individual and groups. Based on learning through experience- experiential learning- inspirational journeys are facilitated by Heleniq Argyrou, a clinical psychologist & drummer to connect you more deeply with your own source of inspiration as a life changing tool. Journeys are available in Europe and Africa. A journey can also become available in your country and custom designed to suit the needs of your group. No experience, drumming, musical or otherwise, is required for the journeys.

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Discover your greatest inspiration, turn your life into art.

Align and transform body, mind & soul.

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Serve only your highest vision.

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"Music is the universal language, and rhythm is the spoken word of that language"(Helm, 2000).

The drum is "one of the most powerful tools in the world" (Helm, 2000).

The magical, sacred drum… has the extraordinary power to touch something deep and powerful within us…(it) speaks to our…truest selves" (Friedman, 2001)

Drumawé is the name for South African druminspiration, offering therapeutic,educational and devlopmental processes to schools, N.G.O's, organizations, corporations & individuals.

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